12 Mobile Apps That Will Keep You Entertained While Vacationing At Hotels

12 Mobile Apps That Will Keep You Entertained While Vacationing At Hotels

Recently, my family and I slept in a two-bedroom apartment instead of a boring corporate hotel room for the same price. I don't know the owner or anyone who does, so I can't get in. I made a reservation via the mobile hotel booking apps. You may save time, effort, and money by using hotel booking software to arrange your next vacation. It's possible that you, too, may score a great hotel discount with the help of one of these booking applications.

Mobile Apps That Will Keep You Entertained While Vacationing At Hotels

One thing that was really fun was a free app that we used to use to have fun in our hotel rooms. Get rid of boredom by watching your favorite cinema movies and TV series with online streaming app via smartphones, tablets and smart TVs in your room. Are you curious? let's check the reviews in application number 2 below.

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Best Independent Hotel Booking Apps

Unlike branded hotel booking apps in usa, those developed independently don't represent any one hotel chain. You'll have access to a wide variety of hotels, both those affiliated with well-known chains and those that are independently owned and operated. Obtain the big guns and check them all before you book to get the greatest deals. What is the best app for booking hotels?

1. Booking.com

Perhaps the most well-known website for making hotel reservations, Booking.com also has a highly functional and user-friendly mobile app. The variety of places to stay, particularly those in less-traveled parts of the world, is a major selling point of this hotel booking apps.

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Download Booking.com Apps

The app makes it simple to see your hotel's address in the native tongue, which is helpful if you're traveling to a nation where you don't speak the language. To display your destination to a taxi or rideshare driver, just pull it up on the app and point.

Last but not least, the interface makes it simple to review previous, present, and future journeys, as well as highlight any loyalty discounts you may be entitled to at hotels worldwide.

However, there are other types of reservations available. Private accommodations such as those found on Airbnb and Vrbo are what this best booking apps for hotels looks for. There's also information about the hotel or host's cancellation policy, including any applicable date ranges for no-penalty cancellations.

» Download Booking.com App on Android, iOS and Website

#2 Tubi TV - Best Mobile Movie Streaming App

Tubi TV - Best Mobile Movie Streaming App


If you're searching for a free movie streaming app with a large number of flicks and TV shows, Tubi TV is worth checking out. The application has popular and obscure titles, making it ideal for film enthusiasts as well as casual viewers. Advertisements are also present in the app, so you'll need to endure a few commercials before your film starts. However, given the quantity and quality of the material on offer, this minor inconvenience is more than made up for.

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3. Hotels.com

Hotels.com is another prominent online booking search engine, and it features accommodations in over 200 countries and territories.

The finest feature of Hotels.com is the free night you get after booking 10 nights. However, the only way to guarantee a free reward night is to use the corresponding mobile hotel booking apps. There is a $5 fee to access the website.

From the most expensive to the most affordable hotels, you can find them all on Hotels.com. There is a long number of websites they work with to make it easy to reserve a room at a different hotel online. This service has a stellar reputation among users thanks to its no-hassle refund policy and low commission rates. In addition to providing extensive hotel listings from all around the globe, they also make it simple to narrow your hotel search based on your preferred region or country.

Hotels.com is a terrific option if you need a dependable way to find affordable hotel rooms without having to sift through a large number of websites to find the one that actually has what you're searching for and is worth reserving in advance.

Download Hotels.com Apps

You can also check your reward status toward free nights and view or change existing reservations all from within the app.

» Download Hotels.com App on Android, iOS and Website

4. Expedia

Expedia is the app to use if you appreciate racking up travel rewards and seeing how much of a discount you can discover. Exclusive app-only discounts are regularly offered. In addition, all app bookings will earn you double rewards points.

Download Expedia Apps

Expedia, like many other hotel booking applications, provides a variety of hotel reviews written by actual visitors to aid in selecting the finest possible accommodation.

Additionally, you may use the app to reserve hotels, auto rentals, show tickets, and excursions that are offered by Expedia. Hotels through Expedia's mobile app are discounted by up to 30 percent, and the company claims that booking a hotel and flight together can save you an additional 43 percent.

In addition, the app notifies you in advance of any potential travel disruptions, such as flight modifications, delays, or gate changes.

In addition to the standard up-front payment option, Expedia also provides a handy "buy now, pay later" service for hotels with best hotel booking apps 2022 and 2023.

» Download Expedia App on Android, iOS and Website

5. Priceline

The ability to choose your own pricing on Priceline propelled the company to fame. Priceline began gradually removing this function in 2016, and since then has introduced two new ones: Price breakers and Express Deals.

Rather than revealing which hotel you will end up at, price breakers simply provide you with a price quote and the names of three hotels in your destination city. In return for some leeway, you receive a discount.

Download Priceline Apps

To an extent, dice are also rolled in Express Deals. They provide you with a price, a rough location, a hotel's star rating, the amenities available, and the size of the beds. There are three hotels shown on the map, one of which is the correct one.

The name of the hotel they've quoted you may usually be discovered with some sleuthing online. The bargain you strike may be worthwhile even if you can't.

The main downfall of using these programs is that there is no free cancellation option.

You can also utilize Priceline's standard features to pay the full retail price whether you book a hotel, flight, rental car, or cruise. The book has hotel discounts and special offers that can't be found anywhere else online.

There is now a Priceline loyalty program available, named Priceline VIP. After booking two visits with Priceline, you'll be eligible for up to a 50% discount on any of their more than 15 thousand available accommodations.

After you've taken five trips, you'll be upgraded to VIP Gold and eligible for savings at more than 30,000 hotels. The amount of discounted properties increase to 45,000 if 25 journeys are completed.

» Download Priceline App on Android, iOS and Website

6. Travelocity

When it comes to travel planning, the Travelocity app has you covered. Discounted rates are available when you purchase a combination of airfare, hotel, and auto hire. For more things to do on your vacation, you can look through listings or search.

The software features not only hotels but also alternative lodging options, such as those listed on Airbnb best booking apps for hotels. That's a great way to locate the most suitable lodging at the most reasonable cost, regardless of the property's category.

Download Travelocity Apps

When you book a hotel via Travelocity, you can change or cancel your reservation with no fees. Hotels that permit reservations with a later payment can be isolated from the search results.

The prices on Travelocity are backed by their own guarantee. Besides matching the lower price, you also get a $50 hotel booking app discount voucher to use on your next reservation. However, you only have a day and a half from the time you make your reservation to take advantage of this offer.

Travelocity promises not only low prices but also prompt, professional service. Included in that is support available via email, phone, chat, and various social media platforms at all hours of the day and night.

» Download Travelocity App on Android, iOS and Website

Best Hotel Booking Apps for Last-Minute Deals

On any given night, many hotel rooms sit empty. Some app for booking hotels last minute take advantage of this by advertising deeply discounted rates for empty hotels.

The excitement of a last-minute hotel search, or the urgent necessity to find a place to stay in an unfamiliar city, are both catered to by these handy apps.

7. HotelsCombined

There are a few ways in which HotelsCombined stands apart from the competition. People who want to see exactly what they're booking appreciate the site's extensive photo gallery of available hotels. You can also sign up for a price alert, which will send you an email whenever the price of the desired room reduces by 10% or more. This function can help you save a lot of money on a hotel if you book in advance and obtain the exact room you desire.

Download HotelsCombined Apps

Furthermore, HotelsCombined guarantees to have the lowest rates. HotelsCombined will refund the difference if you find a lower price elsewhere within 24 hours of making your reservation.

According to the app's description, it can also reveal "hidden offers" that are only available to its customers. If you give it a shot, you might be surprised by how much money you can save. In the event that you find a lower price somewhere after making your purchase, you may always take advantage of their best-price guarantee.

» Download HotelsCombined App on Android, iOS and Website

8. HotelTonight

You might miss your flight and the next one isn't until the next day, or your Airbnb host can cancel your reservation on the day you're supposed to arrive. The mobile hotel booking apps in usa HotelTonight allows you to reserve a room in a hotel for the current night or up to seven days in advance.

HotelTonight Apps

For up to half discount, HotelTonight compiles all of a city's available hotel rooms that are currently unoccupied. Express hotel booking app discount are updated daily at noon, and in some places, you may get access to thousands of hotel rooms at a wide range of price points.

HT Perks, the app's tiered loyalty program, allows you to earn better prices the more you use it and the more you stay. Better yet, your loyalty points will never go to waste.

» Download HotelTonight App on Android, iOS and Website

9. One Night

One Night is the perfect app for those who prefer to travel on the spur of the moment. In other places, same-night reservations are only available after midday and typically come with a discount.

Download One Night Apps

After reserving a single night, guests can stay for as long as seven more.

What makes One Night stand out from other last-minute booking applications is that, after choosing a hotel, the hotel booking apps provides hour-by-hour ideas for exciting activities in your chosen location. This is the best software if you want to experience a place like a local one when traveling.

» Download One Night App on Android and Website

Best Hotel Chain Apps - What's The Best App to Book a Hotel

Having the hotel's app on your phone is a must if you're planning on using a hotel loyalty program. These best booking apps for hotels for Apple and Google devices make it easy to bypass check-in, select a room, and have access to other benefits without leaving your phone.

10. Hilton Honors

The most popular feature of the Hilton Honors app is the ability to select your own room in advance, which is sure to please any fan of the loyalty program.

Download Hilton Honors Apps

You may often view a map of the hotel and select a specific room from within the app. That's a big hit with guests who have specific needs, like a room on a high level with a view or far away from the elevator, or proximity to a certain facility, like the swimming pool or the fitness center.

In some hotels, you may even use your phone as your room key with the app's digital key feature. At the end of your stay, you can avoid waiting in line at the front desk by checking out of your room through the hotel booking apps.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Hilton rewards is with the help of the Hilton Honors app, which can be used to track down special discounts and make your points go much farther.

» Download Hilton Honors App on Android, iOS and Website

11. Marriott

With over 6,700 properties in 130 different nations, Marriott is a global leader in the hotel industry. Approximately 1 in 15 hotel rooms worldwide belong to the Marriott chain. You will not be lacking in options if you use the Marriott app to reserve a room.

Download Marriott Bonvoy Apps

In addition to making your reservation, you can use your phone to ask for an upgrade or a later checkout time. Guests can also ask for amenities like a hair dryer and more towels in their rooms.

You should join Marriott's Bonvoy rewards program and keep this app on your phone if you frequently stay at any of Marriott's 30 brands of hotel establishments. You can earn up to six Marriott points per dollar spent by using the app's Eat Around Town function to attach a credit card and pay for meals straight within the best booking apps for hotels.

Additionally, Marriott Bonvoy informs you about hotel promotions worldwide, allowing you to save money no matter where you travel.

» Download Marriott App on Android, iOS and Website

12. Hyatt

World of Hyatt is the name of the hotel chain's loyalty program and the app that goes along with it.

You can use Chromecast to play your own media on the TV in your room, unlock the door with the touch of a button, and have instantaneous conversations with hotel staff through the app before and throughout your stay. The best part is that there is no need to check in at the front desk.

Dwonload Hyatt Apps

You can also check the number of points you've accumulated from previous stays at Hyatt hotels, your current status toward earning rewards, and your eligibility for special incentives.

» Download Hyatt App on Android, iOS and Website

13. IHG

IHG, which stands for "InterContinental Hotels Group," is a hotel chain with about 6,000 locations all over the globe. In order to get clients to book trips through the chain rather than a third-party site, the company has developed an hotel booking apps. It does this by giving its members access to special pricing that typically saves them 3% off of their bookings.

Dwonload IHG Apps

You can also check your points balance toward a free or discounted stay, receive exclusive rewards offers, and more all within the app.

The app offers an intuitive design and a travel resources section that includes maps and instructions to nearby areas. If you have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar environments, you can use the white noise function.

Download IHG App on Android, iOS and Website

Final thought

The top travel apps are worth the download if you appreciate finding cheap hotel rooms ahead of time, or if you like collecting loyalty points that you can later exchange for free stays or other perks.

Using best booking apps for hotels is a quick and painless way to be a knowledgeable traveler, whether your goal is to avoid long waits at check-in, locate the best hotel rates, or simply scope out the accommodations in advance.

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